Dairy Producer Talking Points

Developed by the National Dairy Checkoff

  • As a dairy farmer, caring for my animals is my No. 1 priority so that I can provide the public with safe and wholesome dairy products. I work hard every day ensuring the comfort and safety of my animals and providing them a nutritious diet.
  • Farmers in my community oppose/are outraged by the inhumane treatment of animals, whether on or off the farm. Farmers support government investigations into any allegations of animal abuse, including those that occur at meat processing facilities.
  • Dairy farmers support government regulations that prohibit non-ambulatory, or “downer,” cattle from entering the food supply.
  • Dairy farmers remain committed to animal care.
  • A cow’s health is of utmost importance to dairy farmers. Proper animal care leads to the production of high-quality milk.
  • On my farm, dairy cows receive regular medical care, including periodic checkups, vaccinations and prompt treatment of illness.
  • As a farmer, I depend on healthy cows for my family’s livelihood. The public can be assured that farmers care for their herd by providing a nutritious diet, good medical care and healthy living conditions.
  • For example, on my farm we … (share personal stories about how you care for your dairy cows, including dairy cow nutrition, animal health, herdsmen training, housing and facilities, and handling/movement examples).
  • Dairy farmers are leading an Initiative to establish industry-accepted animal well-being guidelines through the National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative that will help maintain consumer confidence in U.S.-produced dairy products. For more information, visit www.dairywellbeing.org.